Well, the dentist said wait. And he knows how sensitive it is, because as he was poised with his burnishing tool (he’d decided to try fixing the "bite"), The Mom said "Wait!  It’s going to hurt!"  He said "just gimme a second", and she figured he’d learn when she gave him a good scream.  But the scream never came: it didn’t hurt. Because he knew just where to go with that tool.  He knows what he’s doing.  So, apparently it’s possible that this extreme sensitivity will improve, and a root canal will not be needed. We believe! :-)  We’ll decide next week.

Meanwhile, The Mom was delighted to have a walk in the warm sunshine yesterday–with her SPRING JACKET!!! This morning it’s been raining for awhile… but it’s supposed to be COOOOLD again this weekend!

So–today’s chorus.  It’s fun to start the post without even having one in mind, and see what pops in.  "He’s the Saviour of My Soul".  Another one from the same time-frame, when The Mom was a teenager.  They used to sing this over and over, and everyone knew it, no matter which church you went to. No need to type the words, since you just keep repeating "He’s the Saviour of My Soul".  Oh right–there was also a chorus that went "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"  It was a slow, moan-full sort of tune, very easy to learn. :P I guess it kinda matches the verse that talks about when we don’t know what to pray…  Did anyone say that Christians don’t use "mantras"?

Well, it may not be that wonderful of a chorus, but it meant a lot at the time!

Walk to Rivendell:  We cross the Great East Road and enter thickets on the south side.

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