Tooth and taxes?  Both better. :0  In other words, the taxes are DONE, and The Mom can’t get over the fact that the extremely sensitive tooth can now take gentle chewing jobs!  Never question the Authority, right?

Our new sermon series is titled “The Big Story”.  Which doesn’t say a lot about what the theme actually is… we think it’s about pride. Today’s speaker used the scripture about the Tower of Babel.  Apparently they were not just building a tower, but a city; and towers in those days had a temple at the top. It was an example of the creative potential there is when humans work together, But…

John pointed out how years ago, cities seemed to be built around God–the tallest buildings were the churches. Nowadays, what are the tallest buildings in the cities?  You got it–Banks, Hotels, Insurance companies.  Could the tallest buildings in a city show what the people really worship? Money, comfort, the insurance of knowing you’re looked after.  Could these things sometimes become “gods”, replacing the One we should be worshiping?  Those tall buildings cast great shadows.

Of course, God is not against cities, He instituted the “cities of refuge”, where people could run to when they were falsely accused; and He’s all for people getting together to release the potential of all the gifts & talents He’s given us.  But when we use that to “make a name” for ourselves, as the people did building the Tower of Babel, we’re using our “shadow mission”.  We’ve hijacked the original mission that God has given us–we’re using our gifts merely for our own benefit. Then comes unhealthy competition, leading to exhaustion.  But God refuses to be ruled out of humanity.  Thank goodness!!

John told a really neat story, about a builder who was ready to retire, and his boss gave him the expected envelope. He was bitterly disappointed, after all his years of doing a great job, to receive only $5,000 to retire on, plus one last request:  to build a home for his boss that was even more beautiful than the one he’d built before.  So the guy did it, but because he was so bitter, he cut corners, and didn’t do everything properly.  When it was all done, his boss gave him another envelope.  It was a thank you card, with a note saying that the new home he’d just built was his!

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