devil in a box?

There is an interesting point made about Lent, in our church bulletin: rather than associating it with giving something up, you’re better to take something on–like some extra times of prayer, some special reading, some extra "good deeds", etc.  That’s what The Mom tries to do, but it often involves giving something up, in order to make room for taking something on. :)

But speaking of things you’ve taken on… she was wearing 3 different hats at church yesterday!  There were Club memos to hand out about the upcoming fundraiser, Devotional Booklets to sell, plus she & hubby stood up to give a "plug" for The Marriage Course, since it is starting again in a week. Rej had to go and tell people that the last session happens to be on their 30th wedding anniversary!  Maybe he thought it would attract people to sign up; but everyone is just so busy these days… all the more reason of course, to set aside time just for you & your spouse!

The notes we want to make from our Bible-in-a-year commentary this morning, kinda go with the chorus we thought of.  Lets see if we can put this chart in a summary-style paragraph.

The three temptations experienced by both the first Adam and the Last Adam (Christ): "the lust of the flesh" (the tree was good for food, command the stones to be made into bread), "the lust of the eyes" (the fruit of the tree was pleasant to the eyes, the devil showed Him all the kingdoms, etc.), "the pride of life" (a tree to make one wise, throw Yourself down and the angels will come). Christ’s response:  desire of flesh–"Man shall not live by bread alone…", lust of eyes–"worship.. God.. only", pride–"You shall not tempt… God". (See 1 John 2:16)

The chorus is a children’s "action chorus" from the old days, which we’re not sure about–besides the idea of blaming everything on the Devil, is it really good to "make light" of the Evil One? Although children do have to learn that he is real, and of course you don’t want them to be scared; after all, that Coward runs at the mere mention of a certain Name…

The Devil is a sly old fox,
if I could catch him, I’d put him in a box;
I’d lock the box and throw away the key–
For all the tricks he’s played on me!

Walk to Rivendell:  Still traveling south, on our first day from Weathertop.

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