same old me again

The Big Thing these days now, is the fundraiser that the Club kids are doing for Compassion Canada:  a Dance-a-thon and Bake Sale, only THREE DAYS AWAY. The trick is to see how it all fits together, in the church’s basement hall; plus other details, like… the guy we’re expecting to do the sound hasn’t answered–hopefully we haven’t been assuming incorrectly. Some of the leaders are quite available by email, hopefully the others will clue in tonight after Club… Yet, I keep reminding The Mom that there is such a thing as the phone! (And WHY doesn’t she think to ask him on Sundays or Wednesdays????)

The Mom is glad that all her baking is done, both for the Bake Sale, and for Easter (freezer is full!)  Because, even during Lent, she’s "one cookie away from the whole tray" (well, almost–she wouldn’t DARE eat the whole tray!)  She’s one lick away from the whole batter… "My name is crazycathie, and I’m a sweet-a-holic…"

OK–keep ‘talking’ long enough, and we eventually think of a chorus!

"It’s me again, Lord.
I’ve got a problem that I can’t solve.
It’s me again, Lord–
I’ve got a prayer that needs an answer.
Now I don’t mean to bother you,
But here I am facing something new,
And I need help that only comes from You–
It’s me again, Lord."

(Thing is, it’s not "something new", but the same old problem: saying ‘no’ to sweets!)

Walk to Rivendell:  Tramping along, we’re thankful to note that… the temperature is slowly going UP!!

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