stop and smell the… memories

The excitement mounts, as things are all set for the Dance-a-thon! There’s a certain parallel, between Club, and The Mom’s root canals: she didn’t want to talk about Easter & March Break with the leaders & kids (a note to be made up today about it) until the Service Project is over; and she’s getting confused about whether she should go ahead with the root canal fix, or wait until the other tooth is decided about root-canal! (It’s still sensitive to  hot & cold, even though she can now chew on it.)  Even the dentist office is confused about that one, guess they don’t get many patients who have two problems at the same time. But it’s the SECOND time that’s happened, for The Mom. She’s getting used to it!

So, besides root canals and fundraisers, there’s a church "visioning" seminar to go to this weekend, and The Marriage Course to send emails about, aaand… The Mom’s photo-habit, meaning almost 5,000 pictures to organize. Well, that’s the play, though it still keeps her up sometimes and makes her tired.  "My name is crazycathie, and I’m a photo-aholic.."  :s

Chorus, chorus… The Mom says:

"I can see some actions to this–sign language actually–and remember a couple of words (‘praise’, ‘life’); I can smell the Spring air and feel the excitement of my friend having a boyfriend who could play the guitar and lead the singing… just can’t remember the chorus! It was a favourite at the time, just not one of those ones that you remember forever (obviously)… it didn’t last that long. Neither did that relationship!"

Is there a lesson here? About things that seem great, and turn out to be not-so-great? (Yeah, we can find a lesson in anything!)

EDIT:  The Mom remembered the chorus–it’s in the comments.

Walk to Rivendell:  Thank you Lord, for fun times to remember, as dreary as the road may be at present (in the thickets).

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