for the Children

We can’t help but wonder how many will show up for the Dance-a-thon, when there’s a Youth Retreat this weekend, plus a "visioning" Saturday–talk about wearing out the congregation!  Mind you, it’s all fun stuff, as long as there isn’t anyone involved in the planning process of more than one of them. And if there are fewer teenagers who come to the Bake Sale & Dance-a-thon, we may just have enough drinks & baking! :-)

The Mom watched a video about the organization they’re raising the money for: Compassion, which runs a child-sponsorship program. (You know, where they get people to pay so much per month to provide for a poor child in an underdeveloped country.) The video made her wish she could just sell everything she owned and go help them. It was about a young girl who’s mother was sick, and she had to stand on a chair to cook for her & her little brother, etc.  I guess many people "know that feeling" that The Mom had… one family in our church sponsors 8 children, between the parents and the two oldest sons.

The kids at Club have been learning a lot about these children from various countries (Uganda, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines, etc.). We have pictures of kids checking out the Nicaragua city dump, for scrap materials to build some kind of living-shelter; and one of kids collecting drinking water from a mud hole. Thank God there are ministries like Compassion to help them! Compassion sent us a CD with the pictures, along with prayers and verses for the kids to say, and some ideas for activities (like building a shelter out of scrap cardboard). It’s been such a great thing!

For Those Children… here’s a chorus, old enough, that we sometimes sing while praying for someone–putting them into the song (in our mind) instead of "me":

"Hold [me] close,
Wrap Your arms around [me];
Bring [me] near, draw [me] to Your side!
And as [I] wait, [I’ll] rise up like the eagle–
And [I] will soar with You,
Your Spirit leads [me] on–
In the power of Your Love!"

Walk to Rivendell:  Lord (as we travel along), today we can only say Please Forgive… our thoughtless, selfish whims.

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