Sam was talking to an international student-friend from a hot country, who can’t get over how obsessed we Canadians are about weather (her country is the same temperature all the time). Still, we didn’t even mention yesterday’s 16 Celsius above! The Mom was too hot with her Spring jacket!  AND:  things sprouting! She had to move a pile of leaves out of the way, but there they were… Now, this morning, the birds are chirping away, including a CARDINAL!!! Mind you, the cardinal did give a special song for The Nanny when they were here in February (no one else heard it). :-)

The chorus we want to share even comes from one we were listening to yesterday. Remember this?

"And Jesus said:
Come to the waters,
Stand by My side;
I know you are thirsty,
You won’t be denied!
I felt every tear drop,
when in darkness you cried;
And I’m here to remind you–
That for those tears I died!"

You may remember it as "And I strove to remind you…", but we were listening to a more recent version; it does seem a little better to say it this new way, don’t you think?

Walk to Rivendell:  We camp in the thickets.

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