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We were trying to think of choruses to get caught up on our Lenten theme, but– 1) it doesn’t seem right to insist on our silly little routines at such a time as this; 2) the last chorus we posted is most suitable, for a few days ("For Those Tears I Died"). We had no idea when we chose that chorus, that later in the day there would be lots of tears…

In case you didn’t understand that last post, made that same day (though some of you did–thank you for your response!), here’s the "low-down":  The Mom’s niece Crystal, of Cinderella Wedding fame, was excitedly looking forward to her third baby (her wedding program said they want to have SIX!). She had the drawers packed with his baby clothes, and was having lots of discussion on Facebook about how big he was, etc. This is the first time she decided to find out the gender, and she named him several weeks ago: "Austin Mitchell". Saturday she felt like he was coming soon (we thought he might come a month early), and went for an ultra sound… which showed that the baby had died. They had to induce her, and later that night she delivered him (9 lbs, 7 oz!)  She and her husband put his christening dress on him and held him for a few hours…  Sorry for making you cry–you’ll get over it.

Even when we were typing the words to that chorus–"I felt every teardrop, when in darkness you cried…"–we were wondering if it is actually scriptural. Lo and behold, didn’t the speaker on Sunday quote something from the Psalms about God "holding all your tears in a bottle". He knows.

Yes, well–Sunday! The Mom made copious notes, but lets see how well we can summarize them!

The speaker was our "ulta-intelligent" Craig, with the sermon title "The Lost Art of Patience" (series: "The Big Story"). He talked about 3 errors that are made about the purposes in our life with Christ: self-preservation, self-fulfillment, self-improvement. We should not base our Christian life on escaping Hell, obtaining personal peace & joy, etc. It’s usually the hardest thing of all to move Self from centre stage, but it can spur our patience about difficult things if we look at The Big Picture, the purposes of The Kingdom of God. It’s not all about us. A hard word, yes, but this guy has a right to say these things–he lost a very young child to leukemia. And of course, the "hard word" was offset by what he quoted about God counting our every teardrop.

Yesterday The Mom was "talking" (via email) to someone else who has gone through an awful lot recently. He said he’ll have a lot of questions when he gets to heaven. But someone else said to him: "I have a feeling that when you get to heaven, none of your questions will matter."

Walk to Rivendell:  On this 15th day, we have traveled 19 miles, for a total of 260 since we left Bag End.

SIGNS OF HOPE:  lots & lots of crocus spears poking up!!!

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