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Just so you know: Amateur Theatre is absolutely the BEST!  The Family all enjoyed "Guys and Dolls" this weekend, especially because a Certain Sweet Person was in it (a "mission doll"), as well as her brother playing the lead part! It reminded Rej & Cathie of when they used to go and see another amateur theatre group–they always seem even better than those fancy things you pay all kinds of money for. But you know what happens–no one wants to admit that the fancy ones aren’t as good, when they’ve gone and paid all that money for it! :P

The Mom was tired yesterday and didn’t stick around church too long, but she sure enjoyed Chris’ sermon! It was almost more of a poem…

It was all about promises, and before & after each Biblical example, he kept saying: "Do you get it? Receive it. Believe it. Live it, and give it." Most of the Bible characters did part of that, but not all of it; and he likened it to trying to hold on  to the promises with your hands face down and fingers spread; or like eating with a fork upside down–maybe on a plane or boat. (He’s so entertaining when he speaks, with actions and voice inflections to match what he’s saying.) When we insist on doing what WE want, and not what God wants, we’re not really getting it.

He also talked about God’s promises, like "I will NEVER take my love from him…" even when he needs discipline (from somewhere around 1 Chronicles 17 or 28–sorry!)  Chris had a mountain-climbing rope with him (something he used to do), and talked about how much faith the climber puts in that rope. If it lets go, the rope will stretch and you’ll bounce a little, but you’re still securely attached. Even so, our relationship with God may get stretched sometimes, but He remains faithful whether we do or not.

Well, the chorus he mentioned is another in the category of "old enough", but it matches well. Our church keeps coming back to this old favourite:

"Faithful One, so unchanging;
Ageless One, You’re my rock of peace!
Lord of all, I depend on You;
I call out to You–again and again!
I call out to You–again and again.
You are my rock, in times of trouble.
You lift me up, when I fall down–
All through the storm, Your love is
the anchor;
My hope is in You alone."

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re certainly thankful again for the support of friends. (Remember, Frodo has been seriously injured, and unable to walk.)

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