The Mom has finally begun her root canal treatments. The first one was root-canalled years ago, and has deveoped an infection; the other one still has to be done, even though the pain has gone away. The hard part is simply sitting there with your mouth open & your back aching, for an hour and a half. BUT, just wait til I tell you how "special" The Mom really is:

  • only TWO percent of people have a tooth with THREE roots–that’s why her already-root-canalled tooth developed an infection;
  • how often do you find yourself leaving the dentist’s office just when there’s a FIRE emergency? As in smoke pouring out of the underground garage, and three fire trucks–one of them blocking her in her parking spot for 3/4 of an hour!

Yeah, that special! She wasn’t TOO bothered by it, though.

Today things are feeling spring-ish, not only because it IS the First Day of said season, but the Bathroom Guy is coming to help make plans for the main bathroom (since the wall is falling apart and the tub always had trouble with the seal). What do you think of a Claw Foot tub? At least there’s no seal-to-the-wall to worry about! ($$$)

Feeling like a little smile of some sort… there is a chorus that was popular several years ago, that is all about the parable where the King invites various people to the Wedding Feast, and they come back with different excuses of why they can’t come. ("I Cannot Come to the Banquet"?) One of the excuses was: "I have married a wife, I have bought me a cow". The jokers used to love to sing: "I have married a cow, I have bought me a wife…" :P

Now, just to add something meaningful "out of the blue" (but sorta related to yesterday’s post): did you know "it was a Christian view of reality that led to the scientific method, investigating all the things God has created"?

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