go ahead and cry out

We wanted to talk about a Bible Story we read the other day. How often do you read these things sort of by rote? And you picture the blind man, saying in a loud rote-voice, "Jesus Son of David! Have mercy on me!" No, I don’t think so. He heard the commotion going by, and figured he was missing out on something again. When he heard it was the Famous Healer, he longed to be able to be part of it. As the sound of the excitement was disappearing past him, his longing turned to desperation. His cry was pleading, so loud they told him to be quiet. But he had no scruples. Or perhaps he thought a Famous Healer would definitely have a few coins for his cup.

But I think he was just tired of missing out, and when Jesus asked for him–he was so excited he left his coat behind–he possibly had no idea what he was going to do or say; when Jesus asked him "What can I do for you", it just popped out. Maybe he’d had no idea he was going to ask "that I might receive my sight". Or, maybe he’d hoped and planned for this very moment. Jesus certainly commended him for his faith. So He healed him, and the blind man followed Him–that’s all it says. We can only imagine the amazement and joy… or were the people just getting used to it? Something like we get "used to" these Bible stories!

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
There is Peace!
Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
There is Love.
There is Comfort
For your darkest hour,
There is Light and Life,
There is Help and Power–
Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
There is Peace."


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