Ahhhh! You would not believe what a lovely day it is today! Not only is it sunny with the promise of warm temperatures, and the cardinals are singing and the crocuses are popping up yellow buds, but there’s NOTHING TO DO!!  Well, nothing except for maybe–

  • sorting out some pictures for Facebook
  • sorting in more pictures from the pending folder
  • maybe downloading the lastest pics off the camera!
  • getting outside and raking up all that dead matter
  • weed and feed?
  • buying tickets for the summer concert
  • making lunch and supper!

This chorus is contrary to today’s mood, but it matches yesterday’s post, about crying out. Not an OLD one, but quite old enough:

"I’m longing to–
Pour out my heart, and say that I love You,
Pour out my heart, say that I need You!
Pour out my heart, say that I’m thankful,
Pour out my heart, say that You’re wonderful!"

This is a great mix of "pouring out" both thankfulness, and desperation ("..that I need You"); and the idea is that when you’re not really feeling like praying, you should just tell God exactly how you feel. Think of all the Psalms where David said some pretty weird things–they’re there as an example of just pouring it out to God. And don’t forget to be thankful! Worship is something that you don’t wait until you FEEL like it; just begin to worship and soon you WILL feel like it!

And to anyone who thinks "religion" (or really "relationship with God") is just a crutch, we say: the more you think you don’t need that crutch, the harder you’re going to hit the ground, one day. :(

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for the pack animals on the trail with us.

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