as sure as the Spring brings the rain…

What with getting things done & taking Student back to Rez, we’re posting very late today! While we’re waiting for the Bathroom Guy to come and help us pick out tiles. (There probably really is someone who calls themselves "Bathroom Guy", but we just made this one up.)

For his sermon yesterday, Dave put his outline up on the overhead. If it was a Facebook thing, we could click on "Likes this" for that idea! He doesn’t like to do it because then people will sit there and think "oh no–he’s only on THAT point!" (In fact, The Mom did, but she didn’t preface the thought with "oh no".) It really helps to follow along with what he’s saying. Hmmm… but does it mean that we have to make more specific notes? We’ll just sum up what stood out for US, and then list the points, just for the record.

The scripture was Isaiah 55:1-13. David expressed a certain desperation–for those who are "outside the church"; he is desperate for us to go out to them–not necessarily to bring them IN to the church, because they may not understand things anyway, but to just BE Christ TO them, where they are. Right now, many people are thirstily drinking "sand" without knowing how pointless–how dry–it really is. David also reminded us that there is a certain urgency to our message which we often forget, in our effort to be patient for people to be "ready"; although of course you can go to either extreme here. Finally, we always appreciate/need the reminder that when we’re doing God’s will, the responsiblity for "producing" is not ours–His Word IS effective, it WILL accomplish His ultimate plan! As much as the rain causes things to grow!

verses 1-3a — God’s Call (Invitation) is Open
verses 3b-5 — God’s Call is Lofty (for the whole earth–we are filled for the purpose of SHARING it)
verses 6-8 — God’s Call is Urgent ("Now" is the time!)
verses 9-11 — God’s Call is Effectual
verses 12-13 — God’s Call is Everlasting

The chorus is ooold–and they actually sang it (sort of ) last night at prayer meeting!

"There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place!
And I know that it’s the Spirit of the Lord.
There are sweet expressions on each face!
And I know they feel the presence of the Lord.
Sweet Holy Spirit! Sweet Heavenly Dove!
Stay right here with us, filling us with Your love!
And for this blessing, we lift our hearts in praise–
Without a doubt we’ll know,
That we have been revived,
When we shall leave this place!"

Walk to Rivendell:  After 19 miles, we finally camp, on this 16th day of travel. We’ve gone a total of 279 miles.

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