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Weird, weird, weird. That was the feeling The Mom had last night, when she told some parents that they were moving the Closing Event up one week (to next week), because of the swine flu. Not to mention being flustered … Continue reading

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Ohmygoodness, there have been quite the discussions around here this morning! They went from talking about the swine flu and not going out too much, to attending all the exciting new things going on at our church! In both cases, … Continue reading

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Spring does mean rain, sometimes

We must apologize for making such long posts sometimes, and not using The Cut. Why do we think we have Such Things to Say that NO ONE should miss, even if they tried?? What arrogance to think like that, and then … Continue reading

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We exist!

This Sunday was the first "regular" Sunday that our new pastor got to preach. We heard her first with the "Call" of course, and then her first Sunday was Easter (last week we had a "guest" speaker). This Sunday, one … Continue reading

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it’s not even May yet, and it’s ALL USED UP!!

They had a great time at (another!) party last night–this one was at an apartment building downtown, right on the waterfront; and the building has a restaurant/bar on the 10th floor! But we’ve just been noticing… weekend before Easter: Induction … Continue reading

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yay for yellow!

Two years ago today we posted a picture of the Forsythia Bush, which was from the year before, and today it’s blooming profusely again! (But as usual, not quite as well as in the picture.) Oh MY, it’s going to … Continue reading

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*sniff, sniff*

Oh my, the aromas that are wafting around here this morning! Buttermilk-Oatmeal Pancakes that are warming up for breakfast, bread rising, and sweet Hyacinth on the table!! This helps to calm the sense of every-hour-is-scheduled that is promised for today/this … Continue reading

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We read about some very provocative things awhile ago, that are just begging to be shared. We start with pictures of a baby in utero… On the screen the following words appear: "This child’s future is a broken home. He … Continue reading

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requested explanation

This is in answer to a request–thank you for reading! The cross can be compared to a gun or guillotine, because it was an instrument of torture, a mode of execution. Yes, a symbol of shame. Because Jesus took our … Continue reading

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Even though Cathie & Sam have to go out this morning, they’re ready with lots of time to spare, so no excuse not to post! Sam gets to sort out his course choices for next year–thank goodness for University people/counsellors … Continue reading

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