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We found an article that goes well with The Mom’s devotional writing for the Lenten Booklet (several days ago). She latched onto the "graven image" thing (her assigned scripture was the ten commandments), considering how foolish it is of us to imagine that God could possibly be described in a sculpture or "picture". We want to be able to manage and control God, but "if you could do that you wouldn’t need him". So while The Mom defined idolatry as thinking that you can possibly know everything about God, Tozer says it is "assuming that God is other than He is". Our view of God is "distorted or diminished because we have embraced the prevailing mindset of our culture and imposed that mindset upon Scripture. So we find ourselves unable even to begin to comprehend concepts like His holiness, power, and majesty." This is exactly what Sam was pointing out recently, because of the study book about scripture that he was currently reading; it’s important to understand the context of scripture, etc., in order to avoid that "imposing" of our own "mindset upon Scripture".

It doesn’t mean of course, that because we can’t know everything about God, we don’t try to know Him better. God, "in condescending love has by revelation declared certain things to be true of Himself…. He has provided enough knowledge of His attributes, to satisfy our intellects and ravish our hearts."

It seems fitting enough to "steal" an idea from a story one of our lj friends has already shared (bcmom ): that today is the Atheist’s Holiday–"April Fool’s Day" ("The fool has said in his heart, ‘there is no God’". Ps. 14:1)

Now that we’ve thought of doing scripture-choruses, there are all kinds flooding the mind!  Talk about repeating ones–remember "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say ‘Rejoice!’ (repeat)… Rejoice! Rejoice!, Again I say, rejoice!" (repeat). (What can I say, when you feel lazy, these short ones are perfect! PLUS–talk about LJ trying to be just like Facebook! Did you see the new options they’re going to put in?? Like making the ljcut automatic after 140 words?)

Now, off to clear out the bathroom to prepare it for step 1 of the reno: demolition! (Except for the vanity–Smart Bathroom Guy likes our vanity!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue through the thickets as we begin our 17th day of travel, with Frodo injured and being carried on the donkey.

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