i couldn’t do it

A thought struck us while we were reading this morning…

Even though you knew it would all turn out wonderfully in the end: if your child was groaning under an incredible weight, and if he was saying to you, "..if you will, please take this from me…", how would you feel? How does any parent feel when their child suffers? We’ve often heard it said, "it’s almost worse for the parent than it is for the suffering child".

If it was me listening to Jesus say "If You will… but not my will, Yours be done…"; I would have answered: "My will! NO! It’s not my will! This extreme pain is not MY will, for my Beloved Son!" But God allowed it, for our sake. He knew the Joy that was coming, for Jesus.

But, maybe that’s why the Father had to look away, as Jesus hung on the cross, and cried "My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?!"

"If that isn’t Love,
The ocean is dry!
There’s no stars in the sky,
And the sparrow can’t fly!
If that isn’t Love–
Then Heaven’s a myth!
There’s no feeling like this–
If that isn’t Love!!"

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