Well, well, well! The bright Easter ribbons have been put up to resurrect the winter-dreary decor, as well as the baskets full of be-ribboned eggs and the Vibrant Yellow chicks (put where I can’t reach them, since they look like pom-poms to be attacked, to me); the Easter Lily has bloomed right on cue, aaannd….

We have “installed” our New Lead Pastor! Of course, the church was packed, since there were many of her friends and family to support her at the Induction Service. Sam was not nervous about having to do scripture reading in front of all those people… he was only nervous about having to do it in front of one Particular person–his Sweet Girl! (But she must have injected him with encouragement, because he did fine and did not seem nervous at all.)  There was a luncheon afterwards, with TONS of food, and cake, and a few presentations, including some from the children–like a binder of letters from each of them, for example.

So after two hard-working, hard-looking years, we now have the incredible gift of a pastor who brings umpteen qualifications to this position (including a doctorate), who is excited about what God is going to do in our church, and has already been at work with her administrative skills, and her ability to empower people for service. (Of course, this is something we had to learn already anyway, during all that time of being without a lead pastor!) 

The message from guest speaker Brian Stiller (who was thrilled from the very beginning of hearing who we were considering for our Lead Pastor), was very good; but here is our favourite part:

It’s not just that God lives all around us, but that He chooses to live IN us… and so we now live not by rules, but by the power of the Holy Spirit within. And God establishes what He set out to do: He created Man in His own image, and Man rebelled and fell away from that image, so God had a plan to bring him (her) back to that image–which is still in process and will one day be complete when Jesus returns. Our bodies will then be the perfect, wonderful things they were meant to be originally!

“Celebrate Jesus–celebrate!”
(Have you noticed that we often can’t remember all the words to some of these old choruses?)

Walk to Rivendell:  As we continue through the thickets, we’re thankful for the ability to keep going and not stop.

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