what Communion/Eucharist includes

Just because it’s Holy Week, we didn’t mean to torture you with so many posts in one day, but this one fits so well with all our recent stuff about Communion–and it’ll just be some short notes. It’s an article which was actually a sermon by Victor Shepherd.

We love his idea about "shaking hands" with both hands: we use the right hand as a sign that we’re putting down our weapon and making peace; the Scouts and Girl Guides use the left hand as a sign that they’re putting down their shield–renouncing self-protection, a sign of trust. "Surely shaking hands with both hands is what we do, in effect, whenever we hug or embrace another human being." He goes on to say that when Jesus ate with all the social outcasts, He was "embracing" them. Now, to copy his summary:

"The service of Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper gathers up three distinct but related meals:

  • the Last Supper, where Jesus signed in his own blood the promise of God that there will always be more mercy in God than there is sin in us;
  • the everyday meals our Lord ate with those whom he gathered into his household and family as he embraced and welcomed all who craved him and his rule more than they clung to social convention;
  • the messianic banquet, the final supper of the future where all that contradicts the kingdom of God will be dispersed."

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