eat, eat!

Last night’s service, "Eating the Story", was the usual delightful thing that Carol does–with the children gathered around her to help with the presentation. She had the Passover all laid out on the altar-table, and explained the various aspects of it. The children enjoyed tasting the parsley, and of course the matzo. She impressed the final message of the Passover on our minds when she brought the last cup of wine and a piece of the cracker down (the altar steps) to the Communion table. Before that, the only mention she’d made of Jesus, was that this ritual was something that Jesus grew up with (hence, it is exciting to know about!) We also appreciated her strong message for The Big Story, showing how scripture is important right from Genesis.

And our new pastor was dancing with the kids, during the two lively Hebrew-style choruses! :-) One of those choruses was actually one we’ve already shared, in our lenten theme: The Trees of the Field (will clap their hands).

Meanwhile, Bathroom Tile Dust covers everything around here! The Mom was hoping to do her cleaning today, but there doesn’t seem much point. They’ll just have to tell Nanny & Pappy to wear their Old Clothes!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for the clothes on our back.

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