With Burning Hearts, chapter III

"Inviting the Stranger"

The notes for today though excellent, are very short, so no cut needed. And since we forgot to think of a chorus for today, maybe one will come to us by the end of this post!

We now come to the part of the Eucharist where we "confess our faith", by saying the Apostle’s Creed ("I believe…"). Faith is an act of trust. The two disciples have been walking with a "Stranger", and come to the point where they trust Him enough that they want to invite Him into their home, and to their table. Remember that the meal table is a place where the stories of the day are shared, and sometimes there is even tension and disagreement; but it is an intimate place, where we know and are known by those we share the meal with.

Until this Stranger started to talk to them, "It was as if they had seen only the manure that covered the soil, but never the fruits on the trees that had sprung from it." And, it wasn’t until they invited Him in and they sat to table, that they recognized Him. "Unless we invite him he will always remain a stranger..", because He is never pushy. An invitation is "the expression of the desire for a lasting relationship". So He made to go on, but they urged Him to come into their home. "It is this deep ‘Yes,’ not only to the words he spoke but also to him who spoke them, that brings us finally to the table."

Well, thinking of those Jewish melodies, how about:

"Jehovah Jirah: my provider!
His grace is sufficient for me, for me, for me!
Jehovah Jirah–my provider,
His grace is sufficient for me.
My God shall supply all my need,
According to His riches in glory;
He’ll give His angels charge over me,
His grace is sufficient for me."

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