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Finally I can come out of hiding… Nanny & Pappy have gone, and The Bathroom Guy has finally finished! This means The Mom has a pile of work to do today, to clean up all the construction dust and put everything back where it goes. She’s wishing it wasn’t on a Club day, but oh well. The beautiful new bathroom will inspire her to keep at it! New lights, new faucets, new towell bars, new toilet & tub, AND–new tile floor and tiled tub wall. Oh, and new paint of course!

Meanwhile, she’s finally learned not to pour herself a cup of coffee just when we’re going to post. Don’t know why she thinks she has to watch what I’m typing, so carefully that she forgets to drink it! ;)

So we’re getting behind a little–there’s Easter to post about, plus Good Friday, plus the last chapter of the book study. We’ll start with the Easter service, since it looks like it’ll be the shortest.

Our new pastor is almost as good as the ones we have already! *wink* Her talent though, is in administrating and organizing. We love how she makes notes on her sermon available in the bulletin–The Mom was busily writing things down as usual, then noticed that Dr. Sharon already had in the typed notes exactly what she was writing! To sum up the sermon, "Having Faith in a World of Unbelief": Jesus is always with us and working out His purposes, even when we don’t recognize it–we should pay attention. He is always "wooing us to go deeper." The background scripture used was (surprise!) The Road to Emmaus (this is not something everyone at our church is studying, you know!) And as Jesus explained to the two disciples The Big Story, Sharon summed it up for us as well (Creation, Fall and History of Israel, Life of Jesus, Pentecost and birth of the Church, Christ’s Second Coming). This is something like what The Mom wants to do when the current Bible-reading schedule is finished–look at all the various outlines that she has. It’s like looking at a map of the larger area.

We like how Sharon pointed out that it’s sad if you have a faith that has no room for questions, and that what we need is not an answer to all our questions but a loving community beside us, sharing hope with us. Faith is a gift that needs to be used/practised.

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for the leaves on the trees.

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