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The Mom is still busy trying to catch up on things since The Bathroom. And yesterday she had to consider things for the Club House Closing which is fast approaching, plus go over her menu–which will be used more now that The Student is home. But that had to be reconsidered because ALL THREE of them need to be on “diets”! (That word is in quotes because they’re really just going to watch what they eat… and exercise more. We’ll see!) Besides which The Mom is just getting tired of the same old recipes. She’s now decided to set aside one day about every second week (and when there’s no spring cleaning or garden work to be done) to be a “Food Day”. She’ll make up recipes of things like meatballs, crackers, and other such home-made-from-scratch type stuff to put in the freezer; including maybe jams and pickles sometimes; and spend some of the day just looking up new recipes to try!

Today maybe she’ll finish her part of Unpacking Student. He has enough to do with organizing all his computer stuff. Oh, and now that he’s tried various journalist jobs, his favourite is the first one he had–Assignment Editor, which was the one that required the most preparation! Sounds like being Producer was very boring, and he even fell asleep at one point!

OK, better late than never: Good Friday notes!

Rob was speaking, most excellently, as usual! Our notes here never cover it properly, but we choose out what was especially meaningful for us. (It may have been something quite different for other people.) And of course, we like to summarize it ever shorter when we’re late posting about it!

When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness and failed, it says that he went away “until a better time”. That “better time” came at the cross–“The Last Temptation of Christ”. The taunts that were hurled at Jesus as He hung there, were all about His identity: “If you are the Son of God… if you’re really the King of the Jews… if you’re the Christ…” Perhaps when God had to look away because of the sin laid on His Son, Jesus really did wonder… but He’d heard God say, a few times during His ministry on earth: “This is my Beloved Son”. He knew who He was, right up to the end: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

The title of the sermon was “The Death of an Extremist”; Rob got the idea from one of our young people, who at the prayer meeting on Tuesday (of Holy Week) had prayed about the violence of terrorists and extremists, and ended by saying “make us extremists of love”. Amen!

PS: The temperature is going up to a WONDERFUL 20 Celsius today!! (We had our first bbq last weekend, “Easter Saturday”.)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for a path through the woods, however narrow.

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