the calm between seasons?

Well, it’s "All gone!" No more Lenten/Easter week devotionals, no more special events, no more treats–even the chocolate is all gone! (Except that The Mom has some in the freezer, waiting for weekends. Aren’t we proud of her for not eating it all at once!) The sunny warm days are gone, for now, but the rain is needed. Back to diet and exercise: Rej & Cathie even walked a half mile in the rain this morning! Since it would take even longer to get in the truck and DRIVE across the street. (OH–only a quarter mile for Rej, since he hasn’t walked back yet.) The Easter decorations are still up, but May is coming soon. Besides, as Craig said, Easter needs to be more than one day a year.

In honour of all that, how ’bout a post with NO MESSAGE!! :P We’ll try! :D

There is some yellow appearing on the Forsythia bush, the Pasque flower out front is becoming more visible, and that little bush near it has tiny red leaves (need to remember the name of it better… it turns yellow… ?) To think that in about a month, we’ll have a whole ceiling of green out back! OH–and I have been outside already!! Yes indeed, it was warm enough that they turned the furnace off and left the back door open for me. Mind you, the furnace is back on now, but we have reached that particular seasonal milestone.

Now for plans to make muffins, and yogurt again-at-long-last. The Mom made French Coconut Pie for the surprise pot luck yesterday, so she has some buttermilk to use up.

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for Resurrection Life! (Which didn’t mean much to the hobbits at this point, unless it was subconsciously… :P)

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