Even though Cathie & Sam have to go out this morning, they’re ready with lots of time to spare, so no excuse not to post! Sam gets to sort out his course choices for next year–thank goodness for University people/counsellors to help do these complicated kind of things. So The Mom gets to sit in the lounge and wait for him; a good time to go over recipes!

Still want to make this post short though, so we can figure out the problem with Facebook. It seems to go through all the gyrations, but doesn’t pop up the livejournal link, for some reason. Maybe it’ll work today.

Oh, and The Mom was actually WINNING at Lexulous, for a change! (WAS being the key word here. *smirk*)

A neat thing from Max Lucado today. This article is talking about the very thing that our Children’s Pastor was pointing out: that hanging a cross around our neck would be the same as hanging a gun or guillotine there, on a pretty chain, etc. Because that is the meaning of it, which we tend to forget.

“Why is the cross the symbol of our faith? To find the answer look no farther than the cross itself. Its design couldn’t be simpler. One beam horizontal–the other vertical. One reaches out–like God’s love. The other reaches up–as does God’s holiness. One represents the width of his love; the other reflects the height of his holiness. The cross is the intersection. The cross is where God forgave his children without lowering his standards.”

*falls to knees in worship*

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