yay for yellow!

Two years ago today we posted a picture of the Forsythia Bush, which was from the year before, and today it’s blooming profusely again! (But as usual, not quite as well as in the picture.)

Oh MY, it’s going to be a hot, beautiful day today–28 Celsius (about 85 F)!! And because they have to go out to (another) birthday party tonight, The Family is having a bbq for lunch. A great day to get the garden/yard work done, for sure.

Today’s picture:

It used to be a different sort of tub-surround, that was separate from the tub, but it only came right to the edge of the tub (not how the tile comes outside the tub). Leaks & related problems kept developing, so they decided to get it fixed professionally. Nowadays they have cement board for bathrooms, rather than regular drywall, so it’s much better. And there was black mold back there, so it needed doing!

The Mom loves her "rustic" look tile, with the brushed nickel fixtures. And it went from cool blue, to warm tans. The floor got re-tiled as well, and those tiles are even bigger! The other major change, is the shower curtains, which used to be sliding doors. The Mom hated how difficult it was to keep the door-tracks clean, so this is MUCH better!


Walk to Rivendell:  It seems like a looong day, but we finally camp for the night.

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