it’s not even May yet, and it’s ALL USED UP!!

They had a great time at (another!) party last night–this one was at an apartment building downtown, right on the waterfront; and the building has a restaurant/bar on the 10th floor!

But we’ve just been noticing…

  1. weekend before Easter: Induction of our New Pastor, and Sam mostly-moving-out of Rez;
  2. Easter weekend: speaks-for-itself;
  3. weekend after Easter (last weekend): birthday party for Sam’s friend on Saturday, Surprise Pot Luck for Church Staff on Sunday;
  4. this weekend: Surprise Birthday Party for Rej’s friend downtown last night, Leaders’ Meeting today;
  5. next weekend: downtown for Sweet Girl’s May Choir Performance;
  6. weekend-after-that: Sam reads scripture on MOTHER’S DAY (cool!);
  7. the weekend following: our Canadian looong weekend–going to Nanny & Pappy’s;
  8. the next weekend: a few days before Rej & Cathie’s THIRTIETH Wedding Anniversary!!
  9. the next weekend: a Prayer & Planning Conference for Church Ministry Leaders
  10. the next weekend: JUNE!!!!

Now, back to last night. This guy turned 60, and his family used a Train Theme. They had many posters of photos, including one of a train set he’d put together many years ago, with the caption: "This is as far as he ever got with it" (something like that). BUT. There was a train engine pinata (and our card just happened to have "Revenge of the Pinata’s"–you figure it out), AND–the cake! His daughter & friends had made the cake, using cupcake-style train cars–lots and lots of them with chocolate icing–EACH decorated differently! Some had shiny candies, some had white chocolate chips, some chocolate kisses, one had yellow and purple stripes of icing, one had mini smarties, etc. etc. And the candies, etc. weren’t just thrown on there, but placed in neat little designs. Of course, there was one larger train-cake (the Engine); and the Station was shaped out of a Rice-Krispie-Square recipe. It was SO COOL!!!

Meanwhile… anyone else getting "nervous-vibes" about this swine flu pandemic-to-be?? Could be an inspiration to Get Fit!

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