Spring does mean rain, sometimes

We must apologize for making such long posts sometimes, and not using The Cut. Why do we think we have Such Things to Say that NO ONE should miss, even if they tried?? What arrogance to think like that, and then go through our friends’ list muttering "I don’t have time for these loooong posts"!!

Anyway. Today we’ll try for a short one, to make up for it all.

Don’t know if I should, but I’m going to tell you about The Mom’s silliness. First a good thing then: she finally won a game of lexulous!

The silliness is a "point system" she installed yesterday, knowing they’d think her foolish, but insisting on it anyway. For a total of five points each week, that can be turned in for bakery cookies at lunch time on the weekends:

  • The Student gets a point each day that he exercises, either by a walk or the treadmill.
  • The Dad gets 2 points if he remembers to weigh himself, and 3 points if he loses weight (since he’s already in the habit of treadmilling, but tends to think that means he can often eat high-calories).
  • The Mom has to both exercise and stick to her diet, to get a point for the day, since she has trouble losing weight.

You see, Sam thinks he only missed one or two days of exercising last week–this would have proved to him that he only made one or two days. The Mom thinks a bit of embarrassment and silliness is worth getting in shape and being healthy! They should really exercise the way I do: run around chasing imaginary monsters at night. It’s much more fun!

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin our 18th day of travel, the 4th from Weathertop, on this 10th day of October.

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