Weird, weird, weird. That was the feeling The Mom had last night, when she told some parents that they were moving the Closing Event up one week (to next week), because of the swine flu. Not to mention being flustered about having to change plans at the last minute. She should have just told everyone that someone ELSE actually made the decision (a lie!)… however, there was at least one leader who agreed with her about it. The thing is, it may not be so dangerous (for us) to catch it (MAYBE), but who wants to catch it? And don’t kids catch (and spread) everything?

Then, to top it off, she came home to find out that our Journalism Student was insulted about having to “change the names to protect the innocent” in one of his articles that he’d re-published on his blog, where it wasn’t at all necessary (the guy changed his mind about permission, and thought the article was negative when it wasn’t negative at all!) Sam felt embarrassed about having to do that change, so had to explain to the professor for whom it was originally done (in his first year)–and has already received an answer this morning: the Prof is going to check over the notes, and then publish it at the university (in its original form), where insurance will cover anyone trying to sue.

AND–the Blue Jays lost miserably!!

Compare all that to how exciting & happy things were yesterday morning… :s Ah well, the sun shines again this morning, and we’re beginning to laugh about all that!

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue in the valley.

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