Well, things are quite "in hand", almost ready for the Club Closing. There is happiness floating around here this morning for several reasons:

  • it’s MAY DAY!! Yaaay!!!
  • The Mom LOST TWO POUNDS, when she was sure she’d gained (from Easter)!!!
  • She HAS to work on group pictures today, for Club (always nice when you HAVE to do something you love doing!!)
  • One of her leaders sent a nice email to the group yesterday, confirming her in the decision to move up the Club Closing ("…the Church should lead, not follow…")
  • There is bread making in The Machine.
  • Sam has been exercising EVERY day!
  • Rej HAS remembered to weigh himself.
  • The clouds are supposed to clear away, and be nice and warm today.
  • The Sweet Girl is coming to visit this weekend!!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for variation in the terrain–for valleys!

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