eat the train

Today we want to tell you more about that Birthday Train cake, that we talked about from last weekend.

Hopefully you can click and enlarge. 

What we had called a "station", was actually a tunnel, shaped out of Rice Krispie squares–you can see it at the back, with Oreo cookie crumbs scattered on it. In fact, Oreo cookie crumbs was used a lot in between the train cars, with a candy/gum that looked like pebbles scattered on top. We forgot to mention the "train tracks" made out of those chocolate-finger-type cookies. Not all the cars were on the track of course, many were just "in the yard". :D  It was really quite amazing. The candles were lined up on the tunnel: letters spelling out "Happy Birthday", plus there were two sparklers–one ‘6’ and one star to make the ‘0’–on the Engine-cake. Plus, there was fruit and a fondue fountain. They also put an Engine-Chief hat on the Birthday Boy when he arrived, and there were several train whistles around for people to blow and yell "Surprise!" He was a little surprised, someone had let out there was going to be a party, but he didn’t know when.

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue in the valley.

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