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‘Bout time we checked in, eh? (Yes, we’re Canadian!) The Mom has been busy–visiting with Sweet Girl on Sunday, and yesterday… well, the time just got away. Guess it was all the emailing, getting ready for Club Closing, Marriage Course, Visitation ministry, etc.

Our New Pastor will be coming HERE–to this house! I’ll have to edge out from my hiding place to get a peek at her, during that “wrap-up”/”chill out” Leader’s Meeting in a couple of weeks. The Mom might even use the new Fancy Cupcake Holder she got for Christmas… if she gets time between getting home from the long weekend, and a possible Marriage Course night, since The Dad has some extra days off, for that weekend. Sharon had advertised in the bulletin that she’d like to visit around to the different ministries to get to know them, so The Mom jumped right onto that and invited her–and she accepted! However, just by noticing all the things this lady has been doing (Pastor Sharon), we worry that she’ll get burned out (even if it is her job)… but some people are just able to do a lot, I guess.

Now. Let’s see how brief we can make THIS week’s sermon notes. John was excellent, as he usually is, but he’s the kind of guy you sort of have to hear to get the full benefit! He had us laughing quite a bit, telling stories about a squirrel in his house, and about becoming a Canadian citizen (he’s from Ireland). It sure feels good to laugh, doesn’t it? His message was about attracting people to our church, rather than detracting, and he used the scripture story about Jesus clearing out the temple of all the “garbage” that wasn’t supposed to be there (money-changers, hawkers, etc.–generally cheating the people). John used this analogy on two levels: our bodies are God’s sacred temple (the “Holy of Holies”, since God actually dwells there), so we should keep the “clutter” out; and of course our church… what kind of “refuse” could be there? One thing he centred on is that we so often are most concerned about ourselves, our own “story”, rather than centering on the other person. And if we criticize people in any way, of course that is not very attractive! He told a story about being pointed out when he was a kid–we may think it’s a small thing, but it usually isn’t. They have a saying at the camp that he heads up: “praise in public, correct in private”. And I’m sure that works well for adults as well as kids.

Not bad–one paragraph!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for friends to carry us, when necessary.


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