fresh air and cobwebs

Well, The Mom did get a bit of gardening done yesterday–some weeding and mowing. She found one tiny Forget-Me-Not plant blooming, which she’d squealed about while going out for her walk with Sam. He said "It’s not my fault!" (What does that mean, that hearing his Mom squeal, immediately makes him feel guilty?) So now every time she expresses delight about flowers, she assures him it’s not his fault. :)  Anyway, the Forget-Me-Nots had seemed to be totally gone, for some reason–haven’t been around for a couple of years. So she moved this one carefully over a bit, so it might survive the vigorous Pasque Flower.

Last night was the final Marriage Course session, besides the night-out-at-a-restaurant. So now both Club and The Marriage Course are done, and they’re packing to go Away for 6 days! Away being Nanny & Pappy’s place. I know exactly what will happen: Cathie will climb out of the truck when they arrive, take deep breaths and say "It smells SO wonderful!" What she always does, without even thinking of it. (After all, Rej has a sister-in-law who has trouble breathing when she comes to the city… the Big Smoke.)

Oh–what she did for most of the day yesterday: you’re not gonna believe this. She was fighting with computers, trying to copy a couple of pictures that she has to work on for her Club leaders, onto her computer. There was all kinds of frustration, things not working, etc. The whole morning went by, and they still weren’t copied. During lunch there was big discussions with Rej and Sam about getting her a special program to store all her pictures on the internet, where they would synchronize with her computer every once in awhile. Then they went for the walk, and the fresh air cleared out the cobwebs I guess–The Mom suddenly remembered that she already had those two pictures on her computer–all this time of trying to copy them there! She’d forgotten that she’d kept them, for the very reason of knowing she wanted to work on them! Ah well, maybe there was a reason for it all.

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue, this new day, in the valley.

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