frogs and centipedes

***Rather than figure out how to back-date something, we’ll just edit here: 2010, air conditioner came on May 25th, when we got back from a week at Nanny & Pappy’s.

2011–May 21st***

The Mom has been “up and at it” this morning–treadmill, shower, and laundry started already. However, she’s now slowed down considerably, being distracted by flist & facebook catch-up. She’d better get with it and get cleaning and making ice cream for her leaders’ meeting tonight! She’s even hoping there might be time to do some gardening, some ironing, and maybe even some mending… yeah, right!!

Today the air conditioning will probably get turned on, since it’s going up to 28 C today (like 88 F!), 30 tomorrow, and only down to 15 in between. The back door is open for the moment though.

Apparently they had a very relaxing time at Nanny & Pappy’s–spent a lot of time just sleeping! AND a LOT of time just EATING! o-O At least The Mom got out for a walk almost every day. Those walks were in the woods–WONDERFUL! Cousin Joy visited on Saturday, and they saw a Centipede… eewww!

A centipede was happy quite
Until a frog in fun,
said “Pray, which leg comes after which?”
This raised her mind to such a pitch,
She lay distracted in the ditch
Considering how to run!


(The Mom remembered this one by heart, except that she called it a “he”.) Oh, and Joy’s two children had a great time catching frogs. They caught one little one and brought it inside Nanny’s house, in a high-sided container, but… it got out! Everyone searched, but it could not be found. Until later that night, when Pappy got up for the washroom–and there it was, near the toilet. It was looking for water, of course!

They did have this kind of discussion on their walk that day:

Today as I went out to play
I saw a brown frog in the way,
I know that frogs are smooth and green,
But this was brown–what could it mean?
I asked a lady in the road;
She said it was a spotted toad!

Mary K. Robinson

Walk to Rivendell:  The land starts to rise, as we continue along.

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