In a Wood

Hmmmm…. The Mom is certainly NOT “up and at it” this morning! She went to bed exhausted, and woke up even more so (at about 5 am). Myself, I’m just enjoying this spot of sunlight–such a great thing to flake out and nap in! Do you suppose getting in shape and being fit would give us more energy?

What helps is to remember that “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. That’s not only a song, but a quote from scripture (one of the Psalms, I believe). That joy gets injected into your “system”, when you stop to think how wonderful a Creator we really do have… for example, this weather! This season! And, that walk in the woods on Pappy’s trails: you really can use memories of pleasant things to give you energy for today!

I like a wood. Wherever you go in it
There’s always something you didn’t know in it:

Roots and moss and gnarled bits of stick in it,
Shiny-backed beetles that hurry and kick in it;

Toadstools and fungus, grubs or a worm in it,
Odd little insects that scamper or squirm in it;

Dry leaves to shuffle in over your shoes in it,
Wandering pathways to go where you choose in it;

Always some nice sort of licheny seat in it,
And mostly a nut or a berry to eat in it;

An earthy and mossy and mildewy smell in it–
Oh, hundreds more things than you ever could tell in it!

Joyce Brisley

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