don’t forget me

We’re reading some archives of this journal, from May of 2007. Of course, many things are similar to what’s happening right now, being the same season–that year we had the air conditioning turned on May 10th! Funny that we also complained about previous Forget-Me-Nots that had disappeared, but "present" ones that were growing out front. Just like today, when The Mom is hoping to plant some new ones that she got from Nanny! On May 14 of 2007, there was even a picture of them, and a mini-poem that we wrote:

"You made me smile today, When I looked your way–
Little twinkle-dot, Of Forget-Me-Not!"

Gotta get going, Cathie taking Sam to a downtown appointment to figure out his courses for September!

Walk to Rivendell:  We can see a huddle of hills ahead.

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