“everything’s going to be all right;” (Jude)

"Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!" This was in our reading this morning (from Jude), and it’s kinda how we feel… since our first inclination when Sam has a Crohn’s Flare-up is to think "Oh NO!" But it will NEVER be as bad as it was at first, when we didn’t know what to do, and he got so, so skinny. He’s feeling SO much better this morning after a day back on The Diet, emergency-style (no special baking, no yogurt). Of course, it could just be the flu, but it’s so symptomatic of his previous symptoms (feeling better at supper, sick the next day, volumes of gas…). What will happen when he goes off The Diet next week? Maybe, just maybe, we will have caught it early enough that he’ll be OK. If not, there are other options, for someone who has gained as much weight as he has!

So, yeah–"Relax!"

Today, The Mom is looking forward to putting in the $100 worth of plants she bought. o-O  And she thought there wasn’t much to do for her small garden! But she’s excited that Rej said she could put in some ground covers where the grass isn’t growing. The trick is to find the walk-upon ones that will grow in that amount of shade.

Picture today is a sample that came with the new program "Dropbox"–another thing for Cathie to be excited about, since she can now have all her pictures on her own computer, which makes it so much easier to work on them. Then you install this program on another computer, and it automatically synchronizes with this one, through the internet (not the network)! So they’ll be able to sync that one with the appletv like before, for viewing on our large-screen HDTV. Apparently, when she used to fix pictures over the network (with Photoshop), she messed up the "airwaves" or something, and the whole computer (the OTHER one) has to be reinstalled. Now she won’t be doing it over the network; plus, she’ll be able to work on the pictures during their camping holidays.

Oh yeah– It’s a "Costa Rican Frog"!

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