‘winkles and dots

Well, speaking of relaxing, The Mom wishes she could sleep all day today but–time for that other root canal! She’s exhausted (and sore) from putting in the garden all weekend. The view from here gives us the Forget-me-nots under the spruce tree, and the new things in the garden are chives and something called “Britt Marie Crawford Ligularia” (where’s the SIMPLE name??)  Apparently it has “chocolate green” leaves–did you know there was such a thing as chocolate green? They’re great big ones, anyway, and “vibrant purple” underneath; and in summer there are bright yellow daisy-like flowers that “rise above the leaves”. Another perennial–The Mom used to leave room for annuals, but that space is decreasing every year!

Right now, the only annuals are in the Log Planter–begonias and a red Fuschia this year. Some more of the Twinkle Dots (easier to type than “Forget-me-nots”) are using that log planter for a background, another plant is in the front garden, and one plant has been kept for inside–we’ll see how that survives! The Mom meant to get just a few more thymes for out front, but she ended up with six! It was cheaper to get more. While she was planting the “Golden Birdsfoot” which she’d picked up thinking how dainty and thyme-like, she took a second look and said “Wait a minute–isn’t that the weed I pulled out last year??!!” The plants garden centres have these days! Ah well, the picture shows a nicer flower than the “weed”, so we’ll hope!

For the lawn-replacement ground covers (starting with just a couple, til we see how they do): Golden Creeping Jenny, and Illumination Periwinkle. These aren’t good for high traffic, so they’re for the edges. The other one that IS good for traffic is a Scotch Moss, which doesn’t like complete shade–so hopefully closer to the middle of the lawn (near the step for now) will be enough sun for it. EDIT: Another ground cover near the step is a couple of “Ruptureworts”, I think they’re called.

Better get The Mom to work here, before it’s time for her appointment!

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue towards that “huddle of hills”.


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