Exciting things today!!

  1. Cathie & Rej were married 30 Years Ago Today!
  2. This is the first day that The Mom doesn’t feel she has “so much to do” (–her summer holidays have started?)
  3. One of her favourite leaders has agreed to be “Co-Coordinator” of the kids’ midweek ministry with her.
  4. Sam and Cathie are excited about going on “Discovery Walks” around Toronto:  self-guided tours instead of the other walks they were going to do with a group (so they can do Fridays instead of Thursdays, or whatever day they choose). They get the pamphlet/map from the internet, and there are numerous “points of interest” highlighted along the way. The Mom will take pictures, and The Journalist will blog about it later. What a team! Cathie thinks it’s so neat that her son wants to do something that she wanted to do many years ago! The first one they’ve chosen is for downtown Toronto, where there are indeed lots of parks: it is 6 km, will take 2 hours minimum, and according to the pamphlet, they will “burn 400 calories”!

Several people have already read the Facebook note The Mom did in honour of their anniversary, so here it is behind a cut for anyone who wants it.

Without Rej I would never:

-take a college course and work in an office all day for about 5 years
-strip all that wallpaper
-keep at those broken bathroom lights for hours until they were fixed
-reinstall Windows (and other operating systems) umpteen million times
-pull a house trailer, and learn to back it up so well that people never cease to comment (a woman can do it!)
-spend all that money
-lose 25 pounds (and gain it back again!)
-take down that whole prickly hedge all by ourselves
-help Sam to stick to his Special Diet for healing his Crohn’s (I was hoping it would work after 3 months, he said let’s try it for a year)
-forgive and be forgiven, all those times, over THIRTY YEARS!!

~Love & Happy Anniversary~

Yes, we’re late getting the sermon notes down from last Sunday (we’ll do it eventually!), but today there was such a good Max Lucado that we just want to put it here for our records.

Directions for the Road Ahead
by Max Lucado

The key question in life is not “How strong am I?” but rather “How strong is God?”

Focus on his strength, not yours. Occupy yourself with the nature of God, not the size of your biceps.

That’s what God told Moses to do. Remember the conversation at the burning bush? The tone was set in the first sentence. “Take off your sandals because you are standing on holy ground” (Exodus 3:5). With these eleven words Moses is enrolled in a class on God. Immediately the roles are defined. God is holy. Approaching him on even a quarter-inch of leather is too pompous…No time is spent convincing Moses what Moses can do, but much time is spent explaining to Moses what God can do.

You and I tend to do the opposite. We would explain to Moses how he is ideally suited to return to Egypt… Then we’d remind Moses how perfect he is for wilderness travel…We’d spend time reviewing with Moses his résumé and strengths.

But God doesn’t. The strength of Moses is never considered. No pep talk is given, no pats on the backs are offered. Not one word is spoken to recruit Moses. But many words are used to reveal God. The strength of Moses is not the issue; the strength of God is.

Let the Journey Begin:
God’s Roadmap for New Beginnings

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for any little change in scenery!

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