May showers bring June flowers!

Whoa!! Enough rain already! Well, it is supposed to stop by tomorrow, with 30% chance of rain late in the day, so Sam and Cathie should be good for their Discovery walk tomorrow–yay!

Cathie & Rej had a lovely dinner the other night for their 30th, one time when they were content with slow service, since it meant lots of time to talk with the other two couples from The Marriage Course. (One couple has been married 20 years, and the other 11–talk about "well-spaced"!) They are both happy to recommend the course to others, so maybe we’ll get more for the course next time (in the Fall?) And there were all kinds of good wishes from people, on Facebook.

Gotta get The Mom off now, her 20-yr. Coffee-Friend is 50 today, so she should find something to give her!

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