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Wow–we missed TWO days!! There have been "busy things" going on around here: first the 6 km walk that Sam & Cathie did downtown, and then yesterday was an all-day meeting at the church to plan activities for next year. Sam & Rej got quite involved in that meeting, but Cathie ended up with a headache at the end of the day.

Something neat happened in her group, though. She was the only "extra" person who went to the prayer & worship table, besides the staff person, and the elder assigned there. That elder couldn’t understand why he’d been put there, since it was not his gift at all, and he said he doesn’t even know how to pray. And he knew people were going to be putting their names down for something, and he said it certainly wouldn’t be him! So, we had some discussion around having a Sunday-morning class on how to pray, and about having a group of "non-prayers" who could practise together (the main issue seems to be praying OUT LOUD). Then this elder got the idea of starting up a Small Group of others like himself, and they’d learn and practise together, and visit the Prayer & Praise evening sometimes ("infiltrate", he said) to "see how its done"… so he put his name down for it! :D He’d been under the impression that if he came to the prayer meeting he would have to pray out loud, but The Mom was able to ensure him that just sitting quietly listening to the others is quite acceptable.

Another thing that came out of yesterday, is that people will be getting Sam to do various web/computer stuff for the church. Plus, they realized that there is no community newspaper in this area, and one is badly needed for advertising purposes–so Sam is going to start one up, online. Sounds like a big job, but we’ll see! He was looking for something to do over the summer, and this being right in his field–it would give him something to put on his resume.

Now, just to give you a quick summary of the Discovery Walk they did in Downtown TO: they saw 10 parks (and walked BY 4 others that were not open because of construction), 2 squares (the courtyard-type), and 2 historic buildings… and many other little interesting things, all in 4 hours including the lunch break. It was quite fascinating how these beautfiul little fountained parks were tucked in between the highrises! More about it later, but for now here’s one picture to "tide you over".

What are they, and why are they here? We don’t know (there were about 30 of them along this stretch of grass), but a sign nearby said "No dog walking allowed"!

Walk to Rivendel
l:  We’re thankful for any little variation along the way.

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