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Ohmygoodness, such distractions today! We’re in between Bible reading plans, and there is SO much “out there” to choose from! We’d just like to merge all the various introductions & plans together and do them all… but finally decided on the “chronological key stories” one, not following it to finish in 61 days like it’s set out, but instead going slowly, with Matthew Henry’s commentary alongside; plus, The Mom inserted a reminder in the chart before each new book, to read 3 different introductions (The Message, Amplified, and New Living–>since that’s the Chicken Soup book she’ll be using)–and not to skip the little stories that are included in this “Chicken Soup for hte Soul” Bible. Also, since that will be the Old Testament (to begin with anyway), we’ll continue with a few verses of New Testament reading each day, plus the Psalms & Proverbs from Bible-in-a-Year (the one that’s set out to read some from each section over 365 days). It sounds like a lot, but it’s not really–it’s just a few verses from each section.

But… oh dear: it means a reading from a txt file, a reading from the internet, a print-book reading along with a MacSword (program on computer) reading (checking the plan txt-chart), plus sometimes another print book and an audio reading! o-O  Maybe we should say: “Don’t try this at home”!

Anyway, now that that’s settled, better get The Mom on to her day’s duties: baking muffins, washing dishes, and spring cleaning the Club stuff & other paper work!

Oh–here’s a quote for you, taken from the first page of that Chicken Soup Bible-reading:

“Any one thing in creation is sufficient to demonstrate Providence to an humble and grateful mind.” (Epictetus, first-century Greek philosopher). How true!

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