be not weary in well-doing

The Mom’s back is better today, so they’re getting ready to go on Discovery Walk #2! This one has a lot fewer interest points, but lots of park and wildlife to walk through, with look-out points. It’s funny to think of it being between Bloor and Dundas! It’s called "Lambton House Hotel & Lower Humber River Discovery Walk", and goes through Etiennne Brule Park. Lambton House is a historical building, of course. So now that we’re starting the second one, The Journalist may write the article about the first one! He’s been very busy setting up his online newspaper–which task has added an air of contendness around here.

Which rather emphasizes what we’ve been reading in scripture the last couple of days, about the importance of keeping busy, and that when you do what God leads you to do–it gives you joy! So remember that when you don’t feel that joy: maybe you’re not doing quite what God wants you to.

Walk to Rivendell:  We plog on towards our goal!

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