little bits of pleasure

The Mom has discovered ANOTHER thing that’s delicious in her coffee, besides the pinch of cinnamon that she started a little while ago: a chip of dark chocolate! She heard that DARK chocolate is good for you, so she bought these (what do you call them?) largish dark chocolate “chips/flakes”, and puts one in every second cup of coffee. She says its wonderfully smooth and delicious.

We’ll allow her a little pleasure, since she did so well to keep walking yesterday. Another story about “discovering Toronto” pending! There were a lot of hills in this one, and not so many fascinating things to stop and look at, so it seemed harder. Although she was very exhausted before they were finished (and she still had to come home and make honey garlic ribs for the bbq), she feels much better today than she did this time last week–a miracle considering the sore back she had!

On a totally different subject, we felt rather sad this morning, seeing some people on Facebook “having it out” about legalizing same-sex marriage. We were tempted to add our own 2 cents, that Christians aren’t trying to rule the world but just believe that it is just so unhealthy for people–especially mentally and spiritually. It’s very difficult to recover from, according to testimonies we’ve heard. But… the other Christians who were arguing had apparently given a bad impression, so far be it from us to do a better job of it!

For today’s picture, we have this one that turned out so beautifully, taken during one of the walks on Pappy’s trails.

Walk to Rivendell:¬† We’re thankful for the variety of plant life we see along the way.

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