indecision and delay

Today is one of those days when we’re not sure if we have anything to post about, but we just start writing and see what comes out…

At the present time, we’re still deciding about which Bible commentary to use alongside our sloowww reading. We’d started with Matthew Henry, but discovered that it’s not actually "preaching" that we want, since we get lots of that already. Have you heard of the "NetNotes" Bible? That one looks pretty good–a much more modern commentary, and it seems to be more objective. Also, Sam is recommending "Asimov’s Guide to the Bible": it’s a "secular" view apparently, but it looks at each chapter and tells you all the other history that is not included. Now that sounds interesting! Sam actually scanned in the whole huge volume himself (he was a fan of Asimov anyway), and he’s read the whole thing and highly recommends it.

So, if The Mom is going to do all that cleaning she has on her calendar today, we’d better get going on this commentary-catching up (at least we’re only on Genesis 3). And then there’s also some Summer Book Club reading to do–this year’s book is "Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear" (e.g. swine flu?).

Do you think maybe she’s just finding ways to delay getting busy? ;)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for the difficult hills that make the level places seem so wonderful!

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