distinction, moderation & muscle

Some neat Proverbs for you today:

“Gray hair is a mark of distinction,
the award for a God-loyal life. 

Moderation is better than muscle,
self-control better than political power.

Make your motions and cast your votes,
but GOD has the final say.”

(Proverbs 16:31-33)

The Mom is having trouble deciding which one of those she likes the best, since she HAS gray hair, sometimes has trouble with Moderation, and WANTS self-control! Plus, there were motions and votes at the meeting on Sunday, so that’s also a refreshing reminder–no matter how much we know it already.
Meanwhile, while she still hasn’t been able to have a Food Day, she has been looking over new recipes, and even tried a few:  the Mixed Grill we told you about already (in the veg-cooker on the bbq–mmm!!!), a honey-garlic meatballs-on-noodles recipe that she’d scribbled down in some waiting room was delicious, and last night she SUDDENLY decided to try the bbq Meatloaf with Sauce, from the bbq recipe book that Nanny & Pappy gave her.  That last one didn’t turn out SO good, but it certainly gave them ideas for doing it next time. (The sauce was too much vinegar, too sweet, and spicy at the same time.)  It’s not like her to make an impromptu decision, but she’d been trying to figure out how she was going to do both rice and meatloaf in the microwave, according to recipes… since she doesn’t have a recipe/isn’t used to doing it in the oven. (Yes, she has to have a recipe for EVERYTHING!)

Nanny & Pappy also gave her a “Skewered” recipe book, and she’s excited about trying some of those–meatballs and baby potatoes with green peppers, for example!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re thankful for daylight to see where we’re going, and nighttime to hide us.


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