the best atmosphere for lunch

Well, Walk #3, while promising to be the longest (10k), turned out to be the shortest. This is no surprise, as the pamphlet only listed 4 "points of interest", and allowed for several loops so that you don’t have to do the whole thing. The four things were basically: the river, the woods, the Arboretum, and a community building at the other end that didn’t seem appealing, as much as it tries to tell you that it’s amazing–so they didn’t go there.

However, right away Cathie and Sam felt wonderful on this walk–the day was perfect for it, and the woods were so invitingly cool. Then when they did get some walking in the sun and worked up a sweat, they also worked up a "fear" (well, not really a fear) that they wouldn’t be able to find a place to purchase a drink and would have to cut their short their explorations (they pack a lunch, but don’t usually bring drinks since drinks can be heavy to carry all day). They headed back to the college that this Walk is hooked up to, and went inside looking for the cafeteria. After going up and down some stairs and muttering in the hallways, someone came out of his office and directed them to the staff lounge, which is apparently open to everyone. There they not only bought cool drinks to go with their lunch, but ICE CREAM! Taking these quickly back across the parking lot to the lovely shaded benches near the beginning of the gardens, they ended up enjoying the best lunch they’ve had yet on these walks–complete with nearby lilac bushes in full bloom, and a frog-serenade!

This one was also perfect timing because of being one you park near rather than taking transit to, so that it fit for taking Sweet Girl back home after her visit.

Oh my, The Mom is gathering up SO many more beautiful pictures!!! And The Journalist is almost ready to launch is online newspaper, getting ready with the first Walk-story. We’ll link you when the time comes.

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