time for thymes

Hmmm…. which picture to post today?? The Mom has been so delighted with her thyme garden out front… I’m sure we’ve posted a picture of it before, but she says its even better than it ever was! Here’s TWO photos for you then.


This shows the stumps from the juniper bushes that we took out–which were scraggly and had to be pruned a lot, but mainly they took up a lot of room. (Yes, that’s our trailer, and the back of our truck.)

AFTER (looking the opposite direction):

(funny how this picture goes diagonally!) The various plants (mostly thymes except for a stone crop and moss flox near the bottom of the picture, and that’s lavender at the very bottom) all started as small little $2-4 pots, but they spread wonderfully. They’re now doing much better than the weeds! And they all require dirt that is not too rich.

Walk to Rivendell
:  We camp not far SW of bridge.

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