savour it!

We’ve been searching through for a suitable poem for you… this one will have to do. We clicked on the category "vacation", since ours starts on Friday! Well, mine will be a vacation from having them around… :(

Despite all my inner crumblings,
I'm still able to recognize a perfect day:
sea without shadow,
sky without wrinkles,
air hovering over me like a blessing.

How did this day escape
the aggressor's edicts?
I'm not entitled to it, 
my well-being is not permitted.

Drunk, as with some hint of freedom,
we bump into each other,
and laugh raucously
on an acutely superstitious scale
knowing that it's forbidden.

Could it be just a trap
this perfection
this impeccable air,
this water unpolluted by fear?

Let's savor it as long as we can:
quickly, quickly, quickly.

(from SUMMER X-RAYS by Nina Cassian)

Walk to Rivendell:  We camp, after only travelling 7 miles today, for a total of 362 since leaving Bag End.

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