working hard to get ready to play

Wouldn’t you know it, days of rain are in the forecast, just when it’s time for vacation! The Mom says it doesn’t matter too much, rain won’t stop her from having nothing to do but read and sort pictures!

They picked a great time to leave–just when the Garbage Guys are on strike… so I’ll be left here to smell the stuff. However, The Mom is doing a pretty good job with her own "contingency plan":  vegetable compost goes in the backyard composter they were about to get rid of; non-stinky paper type compost goes in a clear bag; meat, oil, dairy goes in the regular city compost bin (what to do when THAT gets full?!); non-recyclable plastics get rinsed, and with other non-stinky garbage goes in open containers that can be bagged and stored in the garage; blue box stuff will be fine overflowing in larger open boxes, etc.; and when the stinky garbage gets full, we do have a couple of other lidded garbage containers. Whew!

But there are drop-off points, in the city’s "contingency plan".

Well, today is a busy day for packing, so I’d better get The Mom to work! (While the guys are sitting outside with their morning coffee, she’s stayed in here to keep me company. She feels bad about leaving me, but says it’s my own fault for not liking to travel, or to befriend Other People!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin Day 21 of travel, the 8th from Weathertop.

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