on holiday!

On holiday and posting! Yes, well, the difference is that I don’t have Dustie here to help me. The plan is, like other holidays, to make some study notes. Computer work is for the morning when it’s cooler, then the afternoon is for simply reading, sleeping, etc… Aaahhhhh, holidays!! To be able to just sit, lie back and watch the fluffy clouds, the fluttering poplar leaves, and consistently resist the feeling that you "should be doing something"! Wonderful barely begins to describe it.

So. First of all, a quote I read this morning, which speaks to people who say that Christianity is not tolerant. Other religions try to force converts, or make huge lists of requirements, whereas Christianity is open to every single soul in the world–indeed, longs for every soul–and the requirement is very simple: believe in the "Christ" of "Christ"-ianity.

Unlike other religions, Christianity does not require a choice between fervor and tolerance. We believe that our God created us in His image and gave us a free will so that we could love Him. If we were forced to accept Him, it wouldn’t be love.

Free will is the very essence of what we believe as Christians, which makes tolerance a must. By "tolerance," I don’t mean the mushy, politically correct way the word is used today. Not a license to do anything you want; but the real kind of tolerance that respects the deepest convictions of other human beings, and regards them as worthy of respect-even if we strongly disagree.

I would add that giving people "a license to do anything you want" would be acting in a very unloving way to them–allowing them to seriously hurt themselves, sometimes irrevocably.

That will do for today, since the first step for this year’s study notes is to sort them out and organize them!

Walk to Rivendell:  More climbing today.

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